What Is Your Most Valuable Resource?

Some may say it’s money, or skills. But realistically the most valuable and scarce resource is TIME. An average day of trade in the world is about 3 TRILLION dollars. Yeah, trillion. If you spend 1 million dollars a day for 8,000 years you wouldn’t even spend 3 trillion dollars. Just in case you forgot, that much money is traded in a day. Since you don’t have 8,000 years, you should start valuing time more than money.

Another thing people do with their time is trade it for money, we’ve established time is scarce. Most “jobs” are a 5-day trade for 2 free days, that’s a 60% loss, if that was stocks or money, you wouldn’t invest in it. So, why do you invest in it with your time?

Start valuing your time, make a business, delink your time from money, make money and time work for you.







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